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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Editor's Letter
BY Elaine W. Ng
One on One: Haroon Mirza on Alan Kane
BY Haroon Mirza
Dispatch: Dubai
BY Kevin Jones
News: Full Steam Ahead!
BY The Editors
News: General News
BY The Editors
The Point: I Am an Artist!
BY Leung Chi-Wo
Whispering Gallery
Auction Report: No Rest for the Weary
BY The Editors
Art Fair Report: Holding Steady
BY The Editors
Previews: Looking Inward
BY The Editors
New Currents: Huang Yen-Ying, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Megha Barnabas
BY Sylvia Tsai, HG Masters, Ming Lin
I'll Be Your Mirror
BY Kevin Jones
BY Chin-Chin Yap
The Extraordinary Lives of Ajumma
BY Liz Park
Taus Makhacheva: Her Dagestan
BY Stephanie Bailey
Vishakha Desai: Navigating Global Waters
BY Joyce Beckenstein
Tarek al-Ghoussein: The Panopticon
BY Isabella E. Hughes
Features: The Architecture of a Conversation: Dayanita Singh
BY Jyoti Dhar
Features: Force of Nature: Entang Wiharso
BY Ashley Bickerton
Features: Eternal Spring: Ma Desheng
BY Andrew Cohen
Special Feature: 20/20: Lamia Joreige, John Pule, Christine Ay Tjoe, Roberto Chabet
BY HG Masters, Nicholas Thomas, Hendro Wiyanto, Ringo Bunoan
Reviews: Singapore Biennale
BY Sylvia Tsai
Reviews: Alfred & Isabel Aquilizan: Fragments: Another Country
BY Tim Walsh
Reviews: Roppongi Crossing 2013: Out of Doubt
BY Emily Wakeling
Reviews: No-Mad-Ness in No Man's Land
BY David Frazier
Reviews: Hugo Boss Asia Art – Award for Emerging Chinese Artists
BY Helen Morgan
Reviews: These Shores
BY Katherine Tong
Reviews: Montien Boonma: Unbuilt/Rare Works
BY Brian Mertens
Reviews: Exposure 2013
BY Stefan Tarnowski
Reviews: Yan Pei-Ming: Help!
BY Andrew Cohen
Reviews: Liu Xiaodong: Half Street
BY Voon Pow Bartlett
Reviews: Siah Armajani: An Ingenious World
BY Susan Gibb
Reviews: Yayoi Kusama: I Who Have Arrived in Heaven
BY Taro Masushio
Reviews: Raqib Shaw: Paradise Lost
BY Lilly Lampe
Reviews: Ahmed Alsoudani: Redacted
BY Peter R. Kalb
Book Reviews: Questing for Identity
BY Don J. Cohn
Where I Work: Subodh Gupta
BY John Jervis
The Sketch
The Sketch: Basmah Felemban
BY The Editors
Fine Print: Fair Use Without Paying Homage
BY Daniel J. Brooks