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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Structuring a Way Forward
BY Elaine W. Ng
ONE ON ONE: Ashley Bickerton on Nyoman Masriadi
BY Ashley Bickerton
BY Sunjun Kim
NEWS: Round Up
BY The Editors
AUCTION REPORT: That Strange Familiar Feeling
BY The Editors
ART FAIR REPORT: Space at the Top
BY The Editors
THE POINT: Empire of Happiness
BY Gregory Sholette
PREVIEWS: Making Connections
BY The Editors
NEW CURRENTS: Sounds, Stones and Stories
BY The Editors
PERSPECTIVE: Nicholas Mangan: Mining Histories
BY David Robery Homewood
ARCHIVE: Call for a New Order
BY Hanae Ko
PERSPECTIVE: Curatorial Practice in India: Between the Alternative and the Mainstream
BY Jyoti Dhar
A Paper Suit Unfolds
BY Chin-Chin Yap
Ranbir Kaleka
BY Hemant Sareen
Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art
BY Isabella E. Hughes
Yee Sookyung
BY Michael Young
Vasl: Minding the Gaps
BY Allison White
Wang Keping: Out on a Limb
BY Andrew Cohen
BY HG Masters
Wong Wai Yin: Hypothetical Objects and Handmade Autonomies
BY Olivier Krischer
Art and Censorship in Singapore: Catch 22?
BY Susie Lingham
Yokohama Triennale
BY Olivier Krischer
Port Moresby: Jeffry Feeger & Ratoos Haopa Gary
BY Catherine Wilson
Hiroshima: Yoko Ono
BY Rachel Kent
Taipei: Yang Mao-Lin
BY David Frazier
Beijing: TransLife
BY Iona Whittaker
Hong Kong: Yang Yongliang
BY Julia Tanski-Gilbert
New Delhi: Paula Sengupta
BY Hemant Sareen
Karachi: Masuma Halai Khwaja & Samar F. Zia
BY Allison White
Florence: Bangkok Density
BY Alessandra Alliata Nobili
London: Between Heaven & Earth
BY John Jervis
New York: Lee Ufan
BY Ashley Rawlings
New York: Tabaimo
BY Hanae Ko
Chicago: Eiko & Koma
BY Anthony Elms
Los Angeles: Lu Xinjian
BY Jennifer S. Li
BOOK REVIEWS: Looking for the Real Deal
BY Don J. Cohn
Where I Work
Cevdet Erek
BY HG Masters
THE LAST WORD: Indemnity system for Japan’s museums
BY Edan Corkill
The Back
Ho Siu-Kee