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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
The Pillars of Art
BY Elaine W. Ng
WISH YOU WERE HERE: From Beijing, China
BY Rajath Suri
BY Billy Apple
MY EIGHT: Chitra Ganesh
BY Chitra Ganesh
NEWS: Istanbul
BY Duygu Demir
NEWS: Jakarta
BY William Pym
NEWS: Hangzhou
BY Angie Baecker
NEWS: Sydney
BY Michael Young
NEWS: Darwin
BY Hanae Ko
NEWS: Paris
BY Jina Valentine
NEWS: Doha
BY Irina Makarova
NEWS: Round Up
BY William Pym
THE POINT: An Old Model, A New Means
BY James and Jane Cohan
AUCTION REPORT: Knowing One's Worth
BY The Editors
ART FAIR REPORT: Small Measures
BY The Editors
THE LAST WORD: Interior Decorums
BY HG Masters
IDEAS ON A NAPKIN: Indieguerillas
BY Indieguerillas
A Machine for Thinking
BY Joseph N. Newland
Cutting through the Noise
BY Song Ming Ang
From Both Sides Now
BY Joshua Simon
A History of Violence
BY Chin-Chin Yap
The Otolith Group
BY Shanay Jhaveri
Sara Rahbar
BY Thorsten Albertz
Arlo Mountford: Off with his Head!
BY Michael Young
Xu Bing: Words Unbound
BY Don J. Cohn
Li Xianting: Off the Page
BY Andrew Cohen
Hamra Abbas: The Sound of Broken Clapping
BY Hanae Ko
Tabaimo: All That Creeps Beneath the Surface
BY Ashley Rawlings
Inhwan Oh: In Limbo
BY Tammy Ko Robinson
Ashley Bickerton: Exposed By My Gaudy Plumage Once Again
BY William Pym
Berlin: Being Singular Plural
BY Erlend Hammer
Auckland: Ruben Paterson
BY Hanna Scott
Tokyo: Tam Ochiai
BY Darryl Wee
Seoul: Hague Yang
BY Ashley Rawlings
Beijing: Liu Dao
BY Michael Itkoff
New Delhi: Mrinalini Mukherjee
BY Hemant Sareen
Dubai: I U [heart]
BY Jyoti Dhar
Istanbul: Cengiz Çekil
BY HG Masters
Barcelona: Creation-Procreation and the Loss of Innocence
BY Rebecca Close
Yeondoo Jung: Innerscape
BY Jina Valentine
London: Prajakta Palav Aher
BY John Jervis
New York: Tradition Transformed – Tibetan Artists Respond
BY Maxwell Heller
Book Review: Going Easy on the Eyes
BY Don J. Cohn
Where I Work
Where I Work: Dadang Christanto
BY Michael Young