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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Do It Yourself
BY Elaine W. Ng
BY Lida Abdul
MY EIGHT: Moe Satt
BY Moe Satt
Keyword: Performance
NEWS: Munich
BY Katherine Grube
NEWS: Seoul
BY Beverly Yong
NEWS: Tel Aviv
BY Tal Yahas
NEWS: Sydney
BY Michael Young
NEWS: Paris
BY William Pym
NEWS: Seattle
BY Rebecca Close
NEWS: Roundup
BY William Pym
THE POINT: United Kingdom Shuts Out the Arts
BY Catherine Wilson
AUCTION REPORT: Buy Now, Sell Later
BY The Editors
ART FAIR REPORT: Fairground Attractions
BY The Editors
YOUNG REPLY: Breaking Unspoken Codes
BY Rebecca Close
THE LAST WORD: Welcome to Gallery Land
BY Michael Young
PROPOSAL X: Ei Arakawa
An Artist's Bullish Feeling
BY Laura Cassidy Rogers
Missing in Action: Omer Fast
BY William Pym
Beyond Gutai 101
BY Reiko Tomii
Operating Above the Law
BY Fatima Bhutto
All the Way Back To the Futurism: Performa 09
BY Hanae Ko
Anxious Objects Waiting to Collide: Roberto Chabet
BY Marlyne Sahakian, Ringo Bunoan
Brisbane Looks Across the Pacific To New Frontiers: Asia Pacific Triennial 6
BY Michael Young
A Half Century Laid Bare: Song Dong
BY Olivier Krischer
Zhang Huan: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
BY Angie Baecker
Aki Sasamoto: Listening to The Sound of Sharpened Footsteps in A Dark Room
BY Ashley Rawlings
Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook: Dialogues With Difference
BY Brian Curtin
Guy Ben-Ner: Solitary Refinement
BY HG Masters
Tino Sehgal: The Unbearable Lightness of Possession
BY Chin-Chin Yap
Venice: 53rd Venice Biennale
BY Philip Cornwel-Smith
Wellington: Billy Apple
BY Martin Patrick
Nam Bang!
BY Lucy R. Lippard
Tokyo: Ai Weiwei
BY David Frazier
Beijing: Gu Dexin
BY Angie Baecker
Bangkok: Taring Padi
BY Brian Mertens
Kolkata: KG Subramanyan
BY Romain Maitra
New York: Emperor’s New Clothes
BY William Pym
New York: The Thousand and One Nights
BY Marcie Muscat
New York: Zarina Hashmi
BY Jennifer Field
New York: Yang Fudong
BY Jonathan Goodman
Los Angeles: Your Bright Future – 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea
BY Jennifer S. Li
BOOK REVIEW: The Emperors’ New Shows Chronicles of Durational Pioneers
BY Don J. Cohn
Where I Work
Richard Tsao
BY Gregory Galligan