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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Getting Back on Track
BY Elaine W. Ng
QUESTIONNAIRE: Liu Xiaodong & Yu Hong
BY HG Masters
MY EIGHT: Jehangir Sabavala’s Eight Indispensable Hues
NEWS: Doha – New Museum in Qatar Celebrates Islamic Culture
BY Bridget Goodbody
NEWS: Beirut – Beirut Art Center Jumpstarts Lebanese Art Scene
BY Maymanah Farhat
NEWS: Phnom Penh – Obituary: Svay Ken (1933–2008)
BY Erin Gleeson
NEWS: Yangon – Performance Art Festival Carries On Despite Obstacles
BY Ton Dal
NEWS: Tel Aviv – Obituary: Gideon Gechtman (1942–2008)
BY Don J. Cohn
NEWS: Honolulu – Obituary: Ray Yoshida (1930–2009)
BY Ashley Rawlings
NEWS: New Delhi – Museum Wing Two Decades in the Making
BY Deeksha Nath
NEWS: Kolkata – Obituary: Paritosh Sen (1918-2008)
BY Hanae Ko
NEWS: Roundup – Woe is the New Black
BY HG Masters
THE POINT: Making Peace with Our Partitioned Selves
BY Hammad Nasar
AUCTION PREVIEW: Correction, It is a Correction
BY Elaine W. Ng
ART FAIR PREVIEW: Where the Well isn’t Dry
BY The Editors
THE LAST WORD: Museums in Meltdown
BY Michael Young
Murder at MoMA?
BY Chin-Chin Yap
Transcultural Reflections
BY Gregory Galligan
Traveling a Different Path to Independence
BY Cecilia Levin
Set Video to Record
BY Brian Mertens
Bosporus Heads for the Block
BY Sara Raza
Taiwan's Upstart Biennial
BY David Frazier
New Moderns: The United Arab Emirates’ Grand Designs
BY Sara Raza
Mike Parr: Decapitations and Protestations Cut, Burn, Stitch and Draw
BY Michael Young
Lee Ufan: Illusions and Interrelationships
BY Ashley Rawlings
Kutluğ Ataman: Encountering The Outsiders of Mesopotamia
BY Donald Dinwiddie
Tetsumi Kudo: Proliferating Chain Reaction
BY Doryun Chong
Yin Xiuzhen: The Fabric of Society
BY HG Masters
New Delhi: Still Moving Image
BY Peter Nagy
Yarra Valley: TarraWarra Biennial 2008
BY Natalie King
Shanghai: Strategies from Within
BY Xhingyu Chen
Beijing: Ni Haifeng
BY Katherine Grube
Seoul: On Kawara
BY Inhee Iris Moon
Seoul: Yeondoo Jung
BY Michael Connor
Mumbai: Abir Karmakar
BY Zehra Jumabhoy
Manchester: Masaki Fujihata
BY Catherine Wilson
London: Aisha Khalid
BY Nada Raza
Birmingham: Shahzia Sikander
BY Eliza Gluckman
New York: Pouran Jinchi
BY Gregory Galligan
New York: Sedition
BY Maymanah Farhat
BOOK REVIEW: Eight and a Half Things You Should Know
BY Don J. Cohn
Where I Work
Ringo Bunoan
BY Marlyne Sahakian