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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
One World, Many Dreams
BY Elaine W. Ng
STATE OF THE ART: Collectors: Do Not Boycott Chinese Contemporary Art
BY Uli Sigg
NEWS: Beijing
BY Alex Pasternack
NEWS: New York
BY Neena Deb-Sen
NEWS: Beirut
BY Maymanah Farhat
NEWS: New Delhi
BY Beth Citron
NEWS: Cardiff
BY Catherine Wilson
AUCTION REPORT: Sales Make the World Go Around
BY The Editors
NEWS: Washington, D.C.
BY Dyer Cushman
NEWS: New Delhi
BY Hanae Ko
NEWS: Sydney
BY Hanae Ko
ART FAIR REPORT: Debut Art HK 08 Plays It Safe
BY Chandan Dubey
NEWS: Round Up
BY HG Masters
THE POINT: China: A New Home for World Culture
BY Don J. Cohn
BEHIND THE WALLS: Arne Glimcher: A Titan in the Middle Kingdom
BY Ian Driscoll
ONE ON ONE: Jérôme Sans: Open Doors, Open Arms
BY Alex Pasternack
THE BIG PICTURE: Unity in Diversity: The Formation of Modern Indonesian Art
BY Cecelia Levin
HOT SPOT: Mekong Art & Culture Project: Bridging the Regional Divide
BY Andrews Little
HOT SPOT: Biennale of Sydney 2008 Revolutions-Forms That Turn
BY George Alexander
Beijing Before the Olympics: Business As Usual?
BY Angie Baecker and Graham Webster
Mona Hatoum: Domestic Insecurities
BY HG Masters
Do-Ho Suh: Infinite Points of Contact
BY Christine Starkman
Amar Kanwar: The Compass That Keeps Spinning
BY Devika Singh
Makoto Aida: No More War; Save Water; Don't Pollute The Sea
BY Andrew Maerkle
SPECIAL SECTION: ShContemporary 08 / Best of Discovery
Sydney: Daniel von Sturmer
BY Natalie King
Tokyo: Tatsuo Miyajima
BY Ashley Rawlings
Taipei: Infantization
BY David Frazier
Geng Jianyi: Excessive Transition
BY Xenia Piëch
Kuala Lumpur: Lynyrd Paras
BY Gina Fairley
New Delhi: Fluid Structures
BY Deeksha Nath
Mumbai: Nicola Durvasula
BY Zehra Jumabhoy
Istanbul: Istanbul Biennial
BY Elaine W. Ng
Re-Imagining Asia
BY Astrid Mania
London: Steve McQueen
BY Sara Raza
Manchester: Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba
BY Catherine Wilson
New York: Daniel Bauer
BY Audrey Luk
New York: An-My Lê
BY HG Masters
New York: Hyungkoo Lee
BY Murtaza Vali
New York: Sudarshan Shetty
BY Paul Laster
BOOK REVIEW: Ways of Being
BY Don J. Cohn
Where I Work
BY Erin Gleeson
Projects in the Making
Projects in the Making: Zheng Guogu: The Developer, the Architect, the Gardener & the Emperor
BY Gutierrez + Portefaix