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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
In Search of Lost Time
BY Elaine W. Ng
STATE OF THE ART: Pakistan Goes Global!
BY Murtaza Vali
NEWS: Ullens Center Opens in Beijing With ‘85 New Wave
BY Michael Hatch
NEWS: Accessible Art Makes Mark on Shanghai
BY Rebecca Catching
NEWS: Murakami’s GEISAI Festival Reemerges in Miami After Yearlong Hiatus
BY HG Masters
NEWS: Artists Roll Through Autumn Award Season
BY Andrew Maerkle
NEWS: New Neighbors Bring Chinese Stars to Chelsea
BY Regina Bresler
NEWS: ShContemporary Serves Up Asian Match Point
BY Andrew Maerkle
NEWS: Asia-Australia Arts Centre Names New Director
BY Gina Fairley
NEWS: Asian Contemporary Art Fair Debuts in New York
BY A. Dyer Cushman
BY Don J. Cohn
NEWS: Public Outcry Sways Lebanon Censors
BY Maymanah Farhat
NEWS: Tsang Tsou-Choi, 1922-2007
BY Eric Wear
THE POINT: Poison Ivy
BY Shinyoung Chung
HOT SPOT: Zina Kaye, Caia Hagel & Tim Georgeson
BY George Alexander
THE BIG PICTURE: Intelligent Design
BY Kenichi Kondo
HOT SPOT: Museum Fever Breaks Out in China
BY Jonathan Napack
Shanghai: Reversing Horizons
BY Rebecca Catching
New York: Journeys
BY Don J. Cohn
FILM REVIEW: Persepolis
BY Sara Raza
Roxane Zand: Sotheby's New Category Old Hand
BY Sara Raza
Gu Wenda: Mutations & Permutations
BY Rebecca Catching
Hyunsook Lee: Queen of Seoul
BY Elaine W. Ng
Tehching Hsieh: The Art of Survival
BY Paul Laster
Point of View: Matthew Ngui
BY Gina Fairley
Lee Bul: Wayward Tangents
BY HG Masters
Bharti Kher: Transformative Vision
BY Minhazz Majumdar
Paul Chan: Art in Reverse
BY Rachel Kent
Ranjani Shettar: Fire in the Belly
BY Devika Singh
The Long March Project: Backward Progress
BY Andrew Maerkle
Beijing: Lhasa
BY Henri Stéphan Benaim
Tokyo: Shimabuku
BY Kenichi Kondo
Taipei: STROLL
BY David Frazier
Hong Kong: John Young
BY Franklin Winslow
Bangkok: Montri Toemsombat
BY Brian Mertens
Mumbai: Pink
BY Zehra Jumabhoy
Paris: !INDIA!
BY Deborah Jenner
Dublin: Nalini Malani
BY Ann Huber-Sigwart
New York: Sultana's Dream
BY Maymanah Farhat
Dallas: U-Ram Choe
BY Anjali Gupta
Los Angeles: Song Kun
BY Jennifer S. Li
San Francisco: Shi Guorui
BY Audrey Luk
BOOK REVIEWS: The Richness of Life
BY Don J. Cohn
Where I Work
Raqib Shaw
BY Amrita Jhaveri
Projects in the Making
Chu Yun: Lost Before the Object
BY Nadim Abbas