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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Independent Thinking
BY Elaine W. Ng
STATE OF THE ART: Lines of Control
BY Hammad Nasar
NEWS: Vancouver
BY Andy Cushman
NEWS: Sydney
BY Gina Fairley
NEWS: Karlsruhe
BY Bryony Roberts
NEWS: Baroda
BY Deeksha Nath
NEWS: Taipei
BY David Frazier
NEWS: Seattle
BY Susan Emerling
NEWS: Islamabad
BY Murtaza Vali
NEWS: Unstoppable Market Fan Fair
BY Elaine W. Ng
NEWS: Round Up: CV Season
BY Andrew Maerkle
NEWS: Obituary: Mai Ghoussoub (1952-2007)
BY Maymanah Farhat
THE POINT: Hong Kong: Ten Years On
BY Eric Wear
HOT SPOT: Shezad Dawood: Posh Studio
BY Deeksha Nath
THE BIG PICTURE: Peter Hill and Gail Hastings: Cue the Sun
BY George Alexander
ONE ON ONE: Pi Li: Going Public
BY Carolee Thea
HOT SPOT: End of Empire
BY Jonathan Napack
Junebum Park: Master Illusionist
BY Zoe Butt
Chien-Chi Chang: No Flash Needed
BY David Frazier
Zarina: Edges of Her World
BY Samir S. Patel
Gimhongsok: Wild Korea
BY Shinyoung Chung
Xu Zhen: Sex, Lies and Videotape
BY Rebecca Catching
Nataraj Sharma: The Iron Man
BY Andrew Maerkle
Emily Jacir: All That Remains
BY Murtaza Vali
Brisbane: Isabel And Alfredo Aquilizan
BY Zoe Butt
Tokyo: Tsuyoshi Ozawa
BY Kenichi Kondo
Shanghai: Gu Dexin
BY Rebecca Catching
Beijing: Yuan Shun
BY Henri Benaim
Hong Kong: Adrian Wong
BY Nadim Abbas
Bangkok: Kamin Lertchaiprasert
BY Brian Mertens
New Delhi: A. Balasubramaniam
BY Minhazz Majumdar
Mumbai: Anju Dodiya
BY Zehra Jumabhoy
Helsinki: Wind From The East
BY Luigi Fassi
London: Anup Mathew Thomas
BY Deeksha Nath
New York: Wang Jin
BY Samir S. Patel
New York: Bhupen Khakhar
BY Cathleen Chaffee
New York: Tala Madani
BY Andrew Maerkle
Los Angeles: Eternal Flame: Imagining A Future At The End Of The World
BY Shana Nys Dambrot
BY Leigh Goldstein
BOOK REVIEW: Ascending Chaos: The Art of Masami Teraoka 1966-2006
BY Eric C. Shiner
Where I Work
Sudhir Patwardhan
BY Jitish Kallat
Projects in the Making
Kamrooz Aram Trial By Fire
BY Christopher Y. Lew