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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Safe House
BY Elaine W. Ng
STATE OF THE ART: Is The Object Sacred?
BY Diego Cortez
NEWS: Manchester
BY Anna Sloan
NEWS: New York
BY Murtaza Vali
NEWS: Melbourne
BY Michael Desmond
NEWS: Chicago
BY Jennifer S. Li
NEWS: Speaking Out In China
BY Elaine W. Ng
NEWS: Hong Kong
BY Andy Cushman
NEWS: Beirut
BY Maymanah Farhat
NEWS: New York
BY Andy Cushman
NEWS: Bangkok
BY Brian Mertens
AUCTION REPORT: An Up and Down Affair
BY Don J. Cohn and Elaine W. Ng
NEWS: Phnom Penh
BY Erin Gleeson
NEWS: Round Up – Exchange Place
BY Andrew Maerkle
THE POINT: The (Counter) Point: Looking For Sacred Art
BY Jane Casey
Ramkien Unplugged
BY Philip Cornwel-Smith
ONE ON ONE: Christie's Plays China Hand: Ingrid Dudek
BY Don J. Cohn
THE BIG PICTURE: Hanoi's Unofficial Art Scene
BY Jay Brown
HOT SPOT: Chinese Art On Edge
BY Joan Lebold Cohen
HOT SPOT: Singapore Tyler Print Institute: Experimental Retreat
BY Andrew Maerkle
Yun-Fei Ji: Dead And Alive
BY Christopher Y. Lew
Shigeyuki Kihara: Subverting Dusky Maidens and Exotic Tropes of Pacific Paradise
BY Pamela Rosi
Artists on Spirituality
BY The Editors
Teiji Furuhashi: Diamonds Are Forever
BY Barbara London
Il Lee, Chun Kwang-Young, and Lee Ufan: International Abstraction, Generational Trajectories
BY Jonathan Goodman
Lin Tianmiao: All Sewn Up
BY Don J. Cohn
Sheela Gowda: Narrating India
BY Nancy Adajania
Sydney: Tim Silver
BY Michael Desmond
Tabaimo: Yoroyoron
BY Kenichi Kondo
Manila: Tony Twigg
BY Gina Fairley
Taipei: SlowTech
BY David Frazier
Hong Kong: Paul Chan
BY Caroline Chiu
Shenzhen: Caroline Chiu
BY Julia Tanski-Gilbert
Singapore: Chi Peng
BY Andrew Maerkle
Bangkok: Top Changtrakul & Chattiya Nitpolprasert
BY Brian Mertens
Oxford: Out of Beirut
BY Sara Raza
Nalini Malani
BY Lyssa Paluay
New York: After the Reality
BY Eric C. Shiner
New York: Atta Kim
BY Andrew Maerkle
New York: Zaha Hadid
BY Andy Cushman
San Francisco: Anjolie Ela Menon
BY Jessica Kraft
FILM REVIEW: John & Jane
BY Andrew Maerkle
BOOK REVIEW: Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art
BY Hiroshi Sunairi
Where I Work
Pinaree Sanpitak
BY Brian Mertens
Projects in the Making
Ja-Young Ku Illusion in the Post-medium Condition
BY Shinyoung Chung