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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
A Toast
BY Elaine W. Ng
Venice on my Mind
BY Simon Winchester
A MOCA for Shanghai
BY Don J. Cohn
Cyprus Hosts Manifesta 6
BY Christopher Y. Lew
Hong Kong's Venice Biennale Entry
BY Don J. Cohn
Libeskind Reinvents the Wheel
BY Stephanie Hsu
Strike a Pose (At Every 59th Minute)
BY Carina Cha
Ingrid Muan, 1966 - 2005
BY Erin Gleeson
Semsar Siahaan, 1952 - 2005
BY Hendro Wiyanto
Long Hair, Hong Kong and the Theater of the Absurd
BY Paul Serfaty
A Match Made in Shanghai
BY John Di Stefano
MOMA Wild for "Anime!!"
BY Paul Laster
West and Center: An Asian Presence at 51st Venice Biennale
BY Sara Raza
Death in Venice: Montien and Araya
BY Brian Mertens
No Introductions Necessary
BY Bridget Goodbody
Double Vision at a Jam-Packed Korean Pavilion
BY Iris Moon
Painting Against the Grain
BY Simon Winchester
The Ridiculous and the Sublime
BY Ho Tzu Nyen
All About My Mother
BY Christopher Y. Lew
Killing Time
BY George Alexander
India: A Long Time Coming
BY Ranjit Hoskote
Some Assembly Required et al.
BY Aaron Kreisler
Yayoi Kusama
BY Kay Itoi
Yun Dong-Koo
BY Iris Moon
Park Yoon-young: Pickton Lake
BY Iris Moon
Koh Seung-Wook vs Lee Kun-Young: Third Title Match
BY Iris Moon
Caroline Chiu
BY Pamela Kember
The Flying Circus Project: 2004 the Black Box, Theatreworks
BY Ho Tzu Nyen
Whose Space is it Anyway
BY Deeksha Nath
Jeffrey du Vallier d'Aragon Aranita: On Leaving the Shadow World
BY Rupert Winchester
Tomoko Takahashi
BY Rupert Winchester
Mitra Memarzia: Dear Axis of Evil
BY Sara Raza
Dayanita Singh
BY Lyssa Paluay
Wei Jia
BY Chris Moylan
Breaking the 4th Wall: Hors Cadrage
BY Shinyoung Chung
Shomei Tomatsu: Skin of the Nation
BY Midori Yoshimoto
Yasumasa Morimura: Los Nuevos Caprichos
BY Lea Golis
Noritoshi Hirakawa: In Search of a Purple Heart
BY Robert C. Morgan
Nippon Time Recycled
BY Shinyoung Chung
Cai Guo-Qiang: Traveler
BY Adelina Vlas-Jones
BY Peggy Wang
Fiona Tan
BY Larry Lee
Cosmo Vitale: Gimhongsok & Sora Kim
BY Collette Chattopadhyay
The Imp of the Perverse
BY David Biello
Boxing Society
BY Carina Cha
Projects in the Making
The Wow-Wee World of Misai Kawai
BY Kristin Poor