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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
The Center Of Things
BY Elaine W. Ng
STATE OF THE ART: Social Studies
BY Elaine W. Ng
NEWS: A New Venture for the Samsung Foundation of Culture
BY Lea Golis
NEWS: Curators Of The Japan, Korea And Taiwan Pavilions Announced
BY Julie Schumacher
NEWS: Para/Site Reborn
BY Carina Cha
NEWS: Foreign Auction Houses Bid for a Piece of the Chinese Market
BY Stephanie Hsu
NEWS: Archival Workshop at the Asia Art Archive
BY David Kim
NEWS: An Exhibition of Atomic Effect
BY Lea Golis
NEWS: Pursuing the Modern
BY Lea Golis
HOTSPOT: Vietnam
BY Joe Fyfe
THE BIG PICTURE: Outsource This
BY Reena Jana
THE BIG PICTURE: Women Crossing the Borderlines
BY Midori Yoshimoto
ONE ON ONE: Nicole Schoeni
BY Carina Cha
This War Will Not Be Televised
BY David Kim
Asia In Mexico: Cacahuates Japoneses (Japanese Peanuts)
BY Larisa Escobedo
Nature As Teacher: The Art Of Manabu Ikeda
BY Tim Evans
Shezad Dawood: I Know What You Want, Let Me Give It To You Double
BY Sara Raza
Jacqueline Fraser: What A Swell Party
BY Astrid Mania
Patty Chang: In Conversation
BY Euridice Arratia
New Plymouth: Transindonesia
BY Andrew Clifford
Sydney: Destiny Deacon
BY Adam Geczy
Tokyo: Psionic Distortion
BY Ken Kawashima
Third Busan Biennale & Fifth Gwangju Biennale
BY Joe Hill
Seoul: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Presents Bust Down The Door
BY Shinyoung Chung
Seoul: You Are My Sunshine
BY Iris Moon
Hong Kong: Proxy
BY Pamela Kember
Singapore: (RA) Rated Artistic
BY Ho Tzu Nyen
Phnom Penh: Sopheap Pich
BY Erin Gleeson
New Delhi: Middle Age Spread
BY Peter Nagy
London: Shirazeh Houshiary
BY Rupert Winchester
New York: Lee Kang-So
BY Lakshmi Kumar
New York: Nalini Malani
BY Shinyoung Chung
New York: Democracy Forever
BY Christopher Y. Lew
New York: Zhang Yu
BY Jonathan Goodman
New York: Raghubir Singh
BY Jonathan Beirn
New York: The Secret Forest Of Princess Knight
BY Christopher Y. Lew
Los Angeles: Kamol Tassananchalee
BY Collette Chattopadhyay
Los Angeles: O-Sang Gwon
BY •Rupert Winchester
San Francisco: Tokihiro Sato
BY Carina Cha
Asshak: Tales from The Sahara
BY Peter Stamelman
BOOK REVIEWS: Mitra Tabrizian
BY Sara Raza
Projects in the Making
Toby Barnes: Woven Wonder
BY Christopher Y. Lew