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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Between the Lines
BY Franklin Sirmans
Letter from the Publisher
BY Gang Zhao
Mori Art Museum
BY Laura Kateri Leung
San Francisco Asian Art Museum Opening
BY Britta Erickson
Asian Roots
BY Tim Evans
Dream so much
BY Laura Kateri Leung
DNAsia: Mapping the Future of South Asian Arts in the UK
BY Dr. Sarita Malik
"Integrated Prada"
BY The Editors
The Q&A Black Belt
BY Franklin Sirmans
Mythical Nation, Drawing the Line
BY The Editors
PREVIEWS: the 8th International Istanbul Biennial
BY Dominique Nahas
THE POINT: Chinese Artists and the Marketplace
BY Lilly Wei
THE HOT SPOT: New Art Spaces In Beijing
BY Chin-Chin Yap
Revolutions Per Minute
BY Eungie Joo
The Big One: Venice
BY Benjamin Genocchio
Art Basel 34
BY John Clark
Parallel Lives
BY Eleanor Heartney
The Control of Fear: Art & the Epidemic as Excess
BY Alexandra Chang
Conditions of Anonymity: the Performance Art of Kim Sooja
BY Jonathan Goodman
The Power of Two
BY Alexandra Chang
Weaving History: An interview with Dinh Q. LĂȘ
BY David Spalding
Beijing: Chinese Maximalism
BY Chin-Chin Yap
FILM REVIEWS: City of God: Art and Politics in Brazil
BY Jen Budney
Tokyo: Under Construction: New Dimensions of Asian Art
BY Eungie Joo
Seoul: Do-Ho Suh
BY Shinyoung Chung
Jakarta: Grid
BY Rifky Effendy
Sydney: Liquid Sea
BY Adam Geczy
Sydney: Yang Jiechang
BY Adam Geczy
Berlin: +64, Phone Home
BY Astrid Mania
Paris: Alors la Chine?
BY Thomas J. Berghuis
New York: Takashi Murakami
BY Midori Yoshimoto
New York: The Year of New Work: Contemporary Asian Photography
BY Merrily Kerr
New York: Mel Chin
BY Franklin Sirmans
New York: In-Hyung Kim & Jian-Jun Zhang
BY Xenia Tetmajer von Przerwa
New York: Commodification of Buddhism
BY Midori Yoshimoto
New Jersey: Shuffling The Deck
BY Jonathan Goodman
Minneapolis: How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age
BY Clara Kim
Houston: The History of Japanese Photography
BY Reena Jana
BOOK REVIEWS: On the Mid-Ground Hou Hanru: Selected Texts
BY Carolee Thea