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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
A Question of Balance: Japan and Korea at the 48th Venice Biennale
BY Toshio Shimizu
Open and everywhere: Chinese artists at the Venice Biennale
BY Francesca Dal Lago
Different Totems: David Neel on the Grand Canal
BY Paula Gustafson
Gap Viet Nam: A Vietnamese Encounter in Berlin
BY Birgit Hussfeld
Out of Order: KAKA-: extended d(I)versions from manila and california
BY Ana P. Labrador
Knalpot: The sound of Indonesian voices
BY M. Dwi Marianto
Unveiled Reality
BY Paula Gustafson
The First Steps: Emerging Artists from Japan
BY Jonathan Goodman
The City, Art and the Garden
BY Fumihiro Nonomura
City of Make Believe: Post Handover Monuments in Hong Kong
BY Oscar Ho Hing-kay
Staging Controlled Chaos: An interview with Tomoko Takahashi
BY Robert Preece
Representation as Detour: Three Anecdotes about Singapore Art
BY Lee Weng Choy
Of Commodities and Kings: Tang Da Wu's serious play with psycho-geography and public memory
BY Lucy Davis
Cities on the Move: A dialogue between curators and artists
BY Hou Hanru, Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Discourse and Displacement: Contemplating Beijing's urban landscape
BY Xiaoping Lin
Exhibition Commentary
Exhibition Commentary
Katsuya Komagata
BY Collette Chattopadhyay
Mathias Kauage
BY Victoria Hynes
Fang Lijun
BY Jonathan Goodman
Soonja Oh Kim: Figuration
BY Collette Chattopadhyay
Vinod Dave: Reflections on Indian Popular Culture
BY Karin Miller-Lewis
Anju Dodiya
BY M.A. Greenstein
Going underground: The Corruptionists
BY Julian Scarff
Zhang Peili: Eating
BY Mathieu Borysevicz
Outside the Real: A New Form of Video Art in China
BY Courtney Kidd
A Response from Singapore Art Museum
BY Suenne Megan Tan