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Table of Content
At home and abroad: Contemporary Filipino views
BY Collette Chattopadhyay
A Cultural Hothouse: A report from Indonesia
BY Julie Ewington
Subject of Desire: Taipei Biennial
BY Wen-rwei Hsu
Manifold Echoes: A Transcultural Venture in Stuttgart
BY Victoria Hynes
From Tokyo to Shanghai: Sur-Everyday-Life
BY Zhang Zhaohui
A modern society: Modernism, Modernity and the Modern: Japanese Culture and Society in the 1920s and 1930s
BY Kathryn Hunyor
Navigating Pacific art: Tautai: Navigating Pacific Art in the Present
BY Caroline Vercoe
Alternative Spaces: Artist-run spaces in Singapore
BY Lee Weng Choy
Fiona Foley Bare Bones
BY Stuart Koop
Small Marks, Big Spaces: The paintings ofYeong Gill Kim
BY Jonathan Goodman
Dialogue: Zhang Dali
BY Mathieu Borysevicz
Tibetan Religious Art
BY Melissa Rimac
History Imitating Art, Imitating Life: The Art of Bramantyo
BY Rob Goodfellow
An Interview with Chatchai Puipia
BY Robert Preece and Gridthiya gaweewong
Glocalism: The art of Laurens Tan
BY Benjamin Genocchio
Exhibition Commentary
Asian Performance Art Series
BY Lee Wen
Sutee Kunavichayanont: Raindrops: Pig's Shit Running
BY Steven Pettifor
Waste: Plastic (& Other) Waste
BY Thomas Brecelic
John Young: Sequences from Heaven
BY Natalie King
Lee Mingwei: Way Stations
BY Judith E. Stein
Lynne Yamamoto
BY Kazuko Nakane
Where Heaven and Earth Meet: Xu Bing and Cai GuoQiang
BY Sarah Cook
Above and Beyond
BY Bradford Edwards
Manuel Ocampo
BY Susan Bright
Yong Soon Min
BY Jonathan Goodman