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Table of Content
Centre Culturel Tjibaou: A new meeting place in the Pacific
BY Dionissia Giakoumi
Virtual daydreams: Three exhibitions of Asian Art in Los Angeles
BY M. A. Greenstein
Postcard from Pakistan
BY Alison Carroll
What goes around comes around: The art of Guan Wei
BY Claire Roberts
BY The Editors
Auction Report: Southeast Asian paintings in Singapore
BY Iola Lenzi
Gallery Report: The Asian American Arts Centre
BY Roberta Lord
Interdigitating Reihanamations: Lisa Reihana's Video Weavings
BY Maud Page
In praise of mad shadows : The Photography of Tokihiro Sato
BY Robert J. Fouser
Body and Soul: Pinaree Sanpitak’s art of life
BY Dionissia Giakoumi
Asian Comic Art
BY John A. Lent
Conjuring the world: Ravinder Reddy's sculptural emblems
BY Kamala Kapoor
Mobo Moga: Modernity in Japanese Art 1910-1935
BY Kae Shingeno
A silent revolution? Chinese women's art in Beijing
BY Francesca Dal Lago
Rupa Malaysia: A decade of Malaysian art in London
BY Laura Fan
Creating together: The inaugural exhibition at Centre Cultural Tjibaou, Noumea
BY Karen Stevenson
Faces from the past: First Nations masks of Canada
BY Paula Gustafson
Crosscurrents: Indian, Norwegian and British artists in Oslo
BY Mariann Komissar
Yoin: Reverberations between Australia and Japan
BY Toshio Shimizu
Sang Nam Lee
BY Jonathan Goodman
Contemporary art from China, Japan and Vietnam
BY Susan Bright
BY Philip O'Toole
BY Daisuke Miyatsu
Luise Fong
BY Scarlet Cheng
Ani O'Neill
BY Anna Miles
Nalini Malani: The Medeaprojekt
BY Suhanya Raffel
Southeast Asian Art: A New Spirit
BY Iola Lenzi