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Table of Content
Editor's Letter
Radical Exposure
BY Elaine W. Ng
New Currents: Distance and Proximity
BY The Editors
News: Hong Kong Arts Organizations Accused Of Endangering National Security
BY The Editors
News: Awards, Obituaries, Controversy, Career Moves, Public Domain
BY The Editors
Dispatch: Yangon
BY The Editors
The Point: Let Us Vote!
BY Aram Han Sifuentes
Fine Print: Control+Art+Delete
BY Juyoun Han and Patrick K. Lin
Whispering Gallery: Vax to the Future
Auction Report
BY The Editors
Art Fair Report
BY The Editors
One on One: Haig Aivazian on Eugène Delacroix
BY Haig Aivazian
The End of Alternative:Looking back at Arrow Factory, Beijing's hutong storefront space
BY HG Masters
The Seismogenic Zone
BY Ophelia Lai
Tackling Taboos
BY Kerstin Winking
Poetic Resistance
BY Susan Acret
Up Close
BY HG Masters, Lauren Long, Pamela Wong
Eat Me
BY Chloe Chu
Finding New Light
BY Cleo Roberts-Komireddi
Inside Burger Collection On the work of the artist Paul Hutchinson
BY Paul Hutchinson, June Drevet, Sylvia Metz
Theaster Gates: China Cabinet
BY Hutch Wilco
Tiffany Sia: Slippery When Wet
BY Mimi Wong
Converging Perspectives
BY Ophelia Lai, HG Masters, Lauren Long
Caitlin Franzmann: To the curve of you
BY Sophie Pose
Luke Ching: Glitch in the Matrix
BY Chloe Chu
Heman Chong: Peace Prosperity And Friendship With All Nations
BY Lynda Tay
The National 2021: New Australian Art
BY Johanna Bear
Tomoko Yoneda: Fundación Mapfre
BY Cristina Nualart
Jam Wu: Through the Walls
BY Christopher Whitfield
Pauline Shaw: the blues
BY Jennifer S. Li
Dorian Sari: PostTruth
BY Carlos Kong
Yun Suknam: Women of Resistance, Becoming Historic
BY Taeyi Kim
NGV International: NGV Triennial
BY Michaela Bear
Where I Work
Zhang Xu Zhan Where Paper Becomes Flesh
BY Daphne Chu
The Sketch
Carl Cheng Artificially Natural