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Table of Content
Beyond the borders: The Inaugural Kwangju Biennale
BY James B. Lee
Readymade Biennale: More on the Kwangju Biennale
BY Eleanor Heartney
The Necessity of Craft: Development and Women's Craft Practices in the Asian-Pacific Region
BY Ana P. Labrador
Osaka Triennale 1995
BY John Clark
Asian Modernism: Diverse Developments in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand
BY Toshio Shimizu
Art in trouble with the law in Hong Kong
BY David Clarke
The art least likely to sell: Rental galleries in Tokyo
BY Satoru Nagoya
The Spaces Between: Territory of Mind: Korean Art of the 1990s
BY Hideki Nakamura
Cultural Orientations: Art from the Netherlands and Indonesia
BY M. Dwi Marianto
Harvest Moon: The Ssack exhibition at the Sonje Museum
BY Jung Hun Yee
Alternative Spaces and Radical Pleasures: Department Store Art
BY Lee Weng Choy
Everyday Sightings: An Interview with Wang Youshen
BY Melissa Chiu
Imagining Reality: Contemporary Chinese Photography
BY Susan Dewar
Letting Go
BY Alice Yang
The Cyber Chic of Mariko Mori
BY Kathleen F. Magnan
Mind, Body and Soul: The photographic and computer art of Rea
BY Antonia Carver
Catherine Truman: On Not Being Japanese
BY Julie Ewington
Totally Wired: Jacqueline Fraser's poetics of space
BY Wendy Vaigro
Amanda Heng
BY Natalie King
Between the Pot and the Sword: The Art of N. N. Rimzon
BY Victoria Lynn
Songspace: The Art of Nilima Sheikh
BY Kaniala Kapoor
Galerie Kyoto Chirathivat
BY Jennifer Gampell
Out of the Grasslands: Su Xinping
BY Shao Yi Yang
Chinoiserie: Ping Chong
BY Alice Yang
A Tree in My Life
BY Gayatri Sinha