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Fundación Mapfre

Tomoko Yoneda 

TOMOKO YONEDA, Chrysanthemums, from the Cumulus series, 2011, c-print, 83 × 65 cm/50 × 39.2 cm, edition 10. Copyright the artist. Courtesy ShugoArts, Tokyo.

“What do you see, chrysanthemums or mushroom clouds?” asked curator Paul Wombell in his catalogue essay, in reference to the photograph used to advertise Tomoko Yoneda’s exhibition at Fundación Mapfre, Madrid. The white flowers blooming above emerald-black in Chrysanthemums (2011) prompt a double take, advisable for approaching the Japanese photographer’s penetrating explorations of historical memory.

Thirty years after she graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, Yoneda’s first retrospective in…

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