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Eat Me

Candice Lin

Installation view of Future Sarcophagus, 2020, ceramic, soil, worms, maize, rice, wheat, sugarcane, opium poppy, potato, ginger, pepper, 129 × 183 × 91 cm, at “Natural History: A Half-Eaten Portrait, an Unrecognizable Landscape, a Still, Still Life,” Pitzer College Art Galleries, Claremont, California, 2020. Photo by Ruben Diaz. Courtesy Pitzer College Art Galleries. 

Two years ago, in perfect health and aged 40, Candice Lin decided to sculpt her own sarcophagus. Formed from terra-cotta, two striped cats sit atop the ceramic receptacle designed for her corpse; one is perched on a pillow, with a paw resting protectively on…

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