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Huang Yong Ping

Will It Return?

by Hou Hanru

On Serpent d’Océan by Huang Yong Ping, or, a way to remember a master of our time.

Installation view of Serpent d’Océan, 2012, permanent in-situ installation of aluminum and iron, 125 × 4 × 4 m, 

at “Estuaire Nantes<>Saint-Nazaire,” Saint-Brévin-les-Pins, France, 2012. 

Copyright ADAGP Huang Yong Ping. Photo by Gino Maccarinelli / LVAN. 

Courtesy the artist; Le Voyage à Nantes; and kamel mennour, Paris / London.

There are very few contemporary artworks that have returned after their physical disappearance. Among these legendary works, Robert

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