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Silverlens Gallery

Martha Atienza

Equation of State
MARTHA ATIENZA, Tarong 11°16'12.0"N 123°45'23.4"E 2019- 08-06 Tue 2:27 PM PST 1.50 Meters High Tide, Kaongkod 

11°16'12.0"N 123°45'23.4"E 2019-08-03 Sat 12:14 PM PST 2.03 Meters High Tide, 2019, still from three-channel HD video 

installation: 79 min. Courtesy the artist and Silverlens Gallery, Manila.

Known for its white-sand beaches and marine life, Bantayan Island in Cebu, like many coastal settlements, has borne the brunt of the global climate crisis. Rising sea levels have led to significant coastal land erosion, while warmer sea-surface temperatures contribute to increasingly destructive

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