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Special Features

Future Markets

International gallerists speculate on buying, 

selling and distributing art in 2050

Photographs by Esther Chan, with assistance from Ysabelle Cheung and Christie Wong

Texts and drawings courtesy of (clockwise from left): Hidenori Ota, Ota Fine Arts; Bo Young Song, Kukje Gallery;

Sullivan+Strumpf; Friedrich Petzel, Petzel Gallery; Stephanie Fong, Fost Gallery; Edouard Malingue, Edourd Malingue Gallery.

Texts and drawings courtesy of (clockwise from top right): Fabio Rossi, Rossi & Rossi; Rachel Rillo, Silverlens; Qu Keijie, Magician Space; 

Taka Ishii, Taka Ishii Gallery; Laksamana “Junior” Tirtadji, ROH Projects.


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