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Galerie Almine Rech

Tsuruko Yamazaki

Beyond Gutai 1955–2009

TSURUKO YAMAZAKI, Work, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 72.7 x 53 cm. 

Photo by Rebecca Fanuele. Courtesy Galerie Almine Rech, Paris. 

Between 1954 and 1972, the Japanese avant-garde art movement Gutai (meaning “concrete” or “embodiment”) challenged traditional artistic media through spectacularly orchestrated exhibitions. Kazuo Shiraga writhed in a viscous mass of cement and plaster in his performance, Challenging Mud (1955); Atsuko Tanaka donned a thatch of flashing light bulbs, her visage poking through a conical tangle of cable and iridescence, for Electric Dress (1956).

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