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United States

Soonja Oh Kim

Collette Chattopadhyay

SOONJA OH KIM, Two Figures - H&W, 1998, aluminium, muriatic acid, ink, 177.8 x 116.84 x 10.16 cm, courtesy Boritzer/Gray/Hamano Gallery, Santa Monica.

Mingling minimalist and gestural impulses, the Korean-born, Californian artist Soonja Oh Kim constructs abstract works that embrace the complexities of inherited traditions. Kim, who emerged on the Los Angeles scene in the early 1990s, constructs work that shares affinities with a number of young Californian artists, including Dean DeCocker, Wess Dahlberg, Jae H. Hahn, Yunhee Min and Soo Jung Park. Her recent pieces depart…

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