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United States

Katsuya Komagata

Collette Chattopadhyay

KATSUYA KOMAGATA, above: Catching a Mermaid, 1998, oil on linen, 146.05 x 102.87 cm, courtesy Taka Ishii Gallery, Santa Monica, below: Dance of the Passion Flower, 1996, paper, glass, wood, 102.87 x 50.8 cm, courtesy Taka Ishii Gallery, Santa Monica.

Katsuya Komagata's tableaux, recently profiled at the Taka Ishii Gallery in Los Angeles, present evocative and mysterious images. Suggesting dream-like landscapes, these paintings are shrouded in warm hues of browns, siennas, ochres and molted greens. Coated with varnish, the glossy surfaces project an acridly sweet…

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